Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I'mwatch anyone ?

Equipped with a slim version of Android, imwatch provides owners to use it as a partner together with an iPhone, Android device or blackberry.
What can it do ?
It can do plenty:
-Receive and make calls
-Receive text messages
-Twitter, facebook, foursquare
-Pedometer, gps, compass,
- Own appstore ,with an exciting future and vision.
And even more in the future.
Prices range depending on what type of watch you are purchasing, from the more basic variants with 128 mb  ram to the more stylized ones with bling .
Although all of them are indeed very stylish as you can see in the press images provided.
After all , this in an Italian product, which gives an understanding of the design quality aswell.
Imwatch also has an own appstore, where anyone can sign up as a developer , individual or as a company to develop apps for imwatch users to download.
Even though  it cannot be used as a phone alone, it certainly qualifies as a very cool looking watch to fulfill any tech and design needs by smartphone owners , present and future ones.
Check out the details on the official homepage.

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