Thursday, 19 April 2012

CuBox anyone ?

SolidRun have developed a smart device for multiple purposes.
What to call something that can do many things ?
CuBox, hence the boxshaped form .
You can do a lot on it, and the hardware specs are impressive aswell.
There is already a live and kicking user community around this device and its just waiting for more development action.
Several Linux distributions are already supported for install on the CuBox and Android TV is another flavour to apply to this charming little box.
Demand seems to be high, as only Pre-Orders are available .
1080P play capabilities, dual core cpu, 1 gb ram, built in e-sata port,usb ports, micro SD port Gigabit ethernet, ir-remote controllable, and the list goes on. Does make one drool a bit i must admit.
Get over at SolidRuns homepage and see the light !

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