Monday, 7 May 2012

[ROM] [GB] MIUI v3-RC0 UNOFFICIAL "nightly" [2012-05-07] [MIUI] [Gen2. (

Rustorg over at the Swedish Android forums "Swedroid" has ported the gingerbread version of MIUI to the 7 inch tablet ZTE Light (v9).
Check out the thread here.

Everything is said to be working on this version.
Also, there has been some activity on the CM9 Versions for the ZTE Light.
Same developer as above has made both AOSP and AOKP versions of ICS for the tablet.
Check out the builds and threads here.
Remember to check out the partition tables before heading forth on these ROM:s.
For CM9 , you need to go back to stock rom first, resulting in a more limited size on your internal SD card.
For the MIUI Nightly build there is some more room for apps on the internal SD card.

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