Sunday, 24 June 2012

Linaro overhyped for custom Roms ?

Linaro has caused some raised eyebrows in the Android community the last weeks..
Some have questioned the actual effect of using the Linaro  toolchain when compiling Android Roms and Kernels.
Over at Rootzwiki senior member Yarly points out some issues and there is plenty of reading over at XDA developers aswell.
One thread i found does let members test two separate Kernels, one compiled with Linaro and the other one without it.
Testers reports state  slightly improved bootup times, but overall the effect seems to be of the placebo kind so far.
Linaro for custom kernels and android Roms does not seem to be the "magical rabbit pulled out of a hat" that some people seem to believe.
Placebo anyone ?

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