Saturday, 7 July 2012

Equiso Smart TV stepping up to the plate .

With the winds of Androidpowered Smart TV - enabling USB variants over us one more player is added to the game.

Equiso Smart TV comes packed with a ARM5 processor, 512 MB ram (1GB variants coming up  later this fall) and the HDMI connected piece gives you the equivalent of an overall Android Experience.
Kickstarterfunded Equiso has already gathered over 500 supporters and their take is quite interesting.
While other similair pieces of Android powered sticks do deliver pretty similair options in the form of Google Play delivered apps to your TV , Equiso also offers an niftylooking Qwerty Keyboard and a motioncontrolled remote control .
If this project reaches its goals, which i certainly believe they will, Equiso will have a serious advantage of the Keyboard and well-though remote control .
So , head over to Kickstarter and check out the details of this promising project !

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