Thursday, 12 July 2012

Geeky USB-Charged Razor for "On the go" people !

Dawn Ryden at Shavetech was kind enough to give Androidistica the opportunity to review the USB - Charged Shavetech razor. A geek-enabled razor if you will. Hence the USB detail coming with it.
Sized smaller and a lot lighter in weight than your average smartphone, charged by any active USB port , computer, tv or why not try  the wall-plug adaptor supplied with the product ?This is a true innovation in itself.
This is ideally for the on-the-go-use.
No need to bring countryspecific adaptors and cables to power your razor while  on the go to have this baby charged.
Just plug it into nearest USB port and let it blue light calm your nerves about getting power to the razor.

In the box you get:
-The shavetech razor
-Stringpouch for storing the razor
- Small brush for cleaning the razorhead
-Wall plug adaptor, (Walloutlet < == > USB ,for chargin the device.
High gloss plastic body containing the moving and chargable parts.
I am usually a blade - shaving man myself, but reading the product brieflet i got reminded about the way that kind of shaving goes.
You need your blade, your shaving foam and you also might need some sort of bag to carry this in.
With shavetech you'd bring the shavetech. Period.
No need for bulky electrical razors with charger and international wall plug adapters.
Just the Shavetech, which is quite brilliant.
As far as the actual shaving experience goes , the shavetech performs good.
Admittedly i at first gave the reviewpiece a hard match, 4 days beard (due to working weird shifts) and it cut off everything, almost at least. It is a razor, not a trimmer.
For a decent shave on the road , this piece of USB charged companion is really useful and light to pack.
This one is a sure co-traveller for anyone with shaving needs on the road !

Thanks again to Dawn over at for letting me review this piece !

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