Thursday, 19 July 2012

*Update*[I9300] CWM::AllianceROM ICS v1 released !

For those of you with Samsungs latest flasgship "Samsung Galaxy S3 [GTI9300] and an urge to go with custom firmware (optimized, tweaked and beastified) AllianceROM Team are about to release some awesomeness tonight.
Check out the forum thread here.

• Based on latest Stable Samsung release: XXBLFB

* XXBLFB Modem


• Ficetos Hacked XXBLFB Kernel

• Deodexed / Zip aligned

• CRT Off and on animation Fixed and optional via the new ROM Customizer app thanks Ficeto

• Toggles restyled

* Themed a lot of apks . Whole ROM Based on FAOSP theme, Very intensive AOSP theme revert thanks Ficeto

* 3 lockscreens via ROM Customizer being Samsung stock / Prime and AOSP

• Added 4 boot options under the restart button ( powermenu )

• Fixed Home Button Lag

• Call Recording on stock phone.apk (saved on /sdcard/sounds)

- modified taskmanager SenseStyle with nice downward reflection(Home button)

- Fixed power_profile to get rid of the radio battery drain

- included new AllianceOTA and ROM Customiser app

- Skip songs with volume buttons when device is locked

-Browser tabs increased from 8 to 99 and overall animations speed increased

Probably more i cant think of right now. too much time spend on this ROM


(This is a really nice and skilled kind of people , dont remember to push thanks buttons =))

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