Monday, 16 July 2012

Jellybean for GTI9000 available naow ! [Unofficial]

Over at XDA Forums the community has been busy putting together Googles latest version of Android (JellyBean) to fit as many phonemodels as imaginable by humans.
XDA Senior member DerTeufel put together with other awesome developers an early release version compiled from source for Samsung Galaxy S phones (GTI9000) of Android Jellybean.(Unofficial release)
And i can tell it certainly works ! Flashed it myself and can confirm it is working. (And in doing so i realize i take my own risk , with my own phone and take responsibility in searching the thread for answers for any problems that might occurr.)
Its pretty early giving full functional reports, but checking the thread people running it seems to be enjoying it so far. And so am i ,
Some quirks for some and as mentioned, this is for you bleeding edge early go getters, check the original post for installation instructions, if unsure of what your about to do then check again.
This is NOT an official CyanogenTeam release , compiled from source by skilled XDA Developers.
(Surely Cyanogenmod Team will too  release it as promised for GTI9000 too.)
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