Saturday, 7 July 2012

[Updated] MeeGo still alive and kickin'!

Some of you might remember the formerly Nokia - Owned Handheld Linux-based operating system named MeeGo.
I myself came pretty close ordering one of the phones couple of years back, sold as a  "Techy oriented for the not-so -average - dial- and - text -user" by Tele2 at the time.( At the time i ended up with N97, think it was the Godfather part 1 on microsd card that sold me in at the time.)
News have emerged now that Ex-Nokians are to continue developing the platform and yes, devices to come with it. Mer project said to be the base .
A good writeup on the subject can be found on
For updates on this  you can hook up with @Jollamobile and @jukkaeklund (Jolla advisor and former MeeGo product manager.)
A press release has been posted on Nokiagadgets.
Support for Nokia phones is clearly stated "We are not in a position to support Nokia’s products."

[Update ] According to Finnish "Kauppalehti", Jolla is about release their first phone before the end of 2012!

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