Monday, 6 August 2012

Jolla mobile fan creation emerged as Jolla aquired "".

Over at Concept-phones a version of the upcoming Jollamobile mockup appeared recently.
Specs added to the post mention dual core CPU, 8 GB of storage and an 8 MP camera.
However, mockups are mockups and not to be taken for the real deal so no need to jump to conclusions yet as Jollamobile will reveal details on the upcoming productline later on this year.
As "Digitoday" posted , Jolla has aquired the domain "" for 50 000 US dollars as the Jolla brand value has skyrocketed the past weeks they figured it might be a good idea to gain ownership of the mentioned domain.
According to Jussi Hurmola content will be posted when there is something of value to tell customers, developers and collaborators.
As of now, Jollamobile wants to discuss and communicate through twitter, you can do a follow on @jollamobile to get the latest news on the progress.
Mockup of Jolla mobile concept

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