Monday, 27 August 2012

[Review] Bamboo Stylus Duo review

I have done some stylus reviews in the past and the thing that strikes me with this one is the weight. At first pickup Bamboo Stylus Duo feels quite heavy , then i realize this is indeed a Bamboo Stylus duo. Double tips for the win !
On one end , there is a soft non-sticky rubberized tip for use on your tablet or smartphone.
At the other end the creators have put a regular fine-tipped ballpoint pen.
(Both pens tips are of course exchangeable when worn out.)
Beautifully packed in a white cardboard box with magnetized lid makes one think there is exclusiveness inside.

I must say that feeling  got confirmed after using Bamboo Stylus Duo a short while.
I’ve done testruns with the tablet tipped end on a Nexus 7 together with Markers by Daniel Sandler. As a former cartoonist i felt enthusiastic scribbling with the Bamboo Stylus Duo.
Also, after my wife gave the Bamboo Stylus Duo a swing together with the Nexus 7 she quite promptly commented with :
- When can i have one of these ?! I want it now!
This is not a cheap stylus for a reason. The metal casing feels solid, i am sure you could accidentally sit on it without bending.
Being a Bamboo product, the aftermarket has got owners covered with replacement tips and ballpoint cartridges. Safe bet one might say.
Only downside is the lack of “Bamboo Paper” for Android. Seems only be available for IOS and PC devices as of now.
If you want to get a stylus that lasts and makes you want one , go for the Bamboo Stylus Duo.
This is by far the best stylus i have used in this category.
You wont regret the slightly higher price.
Big up for MNML Agency letting me do this review.! 

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