Wednesday, 5 September 2012

[Gaming ]MG teams up with BillMyparents!

A new Android Gaming unit is about to head to town,(or into your pocket) .
It's called the MG Portable Gaming system.

Equipped with:
* 4 inch gorilla glass screen
* 1 Ghz cpu
* 1 Gb of ram
* Wifi
* 1.3 Mb frontfacing camera,
* Headphone jack and MicroSD card slot
This one is looking truly portable, snug as a bug !
There is no average phonecomponents , making it lightweight and the operating system onboard is Android ICS .
Games can be found on Google Play and installed on the onboard 8gb memory for starters.
There is also a parenting system created together with BillMyParents, enabling parents to  easily monitor their kids installed apps and how much time they are spending on it and other handy features.
PlayMG will launch their gameconsole in the U.S just in time for the holiday seasons.

(It is available for pre-order with a juicy price cut of 70 $, retail price being 169 $)
"The first 2000 early adopters who visit Kickstarter will be rewarded with an MG for $99 this holiday season. Other supporters will be able to order their MG for $20 off ($149) through Sept. 27."
Check out the press release over at Marketwire:

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