Sunday, 2 September 2012

[Go Go !] Android Dissected launched !

Ever since the day AOSP devoured my soul for keeps there has been sort of a mystic mist surrounding the awesome people called Developers and Themers over at XDA Developers and RootzWiki for instance.
(The people who lay countless hours on creating themes and flashable ROM:s for Android devices and letting the Android community take part of their creations for free or merely asking pocketmoney for their efforts.)
Android Dissected is here to clear the mystic mists.
There you will be able to read interviews with Developers and themers, reviews on roms and other goodies.
And as their statment says:
"We want to interview you. We also want to do this to give you, the user, a better understanding of how the process works and how to get these things working on your device."
Get over there , NAO!

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