Friday, 21 September 2012

[Review] Hi-Fun package .

So who are these people at Hi-Fun ?
Hi-Fun was formed by young Italian entrepreneurs with a love for music and travelling.
I was fortunate enough to get a  feel of the products hands-on and i will tell you about what i discovered.
Circular-shaped , wrapped in soft , smooth fabric lies a speaker in the center.
The cord is nicely tucked into a pocket on the side , behind a zipper.
This one can be connected to any media player, tablet, smartphone with a standard 3,5 mm headphone jack.

This one certainly fills the role as its intended, on the train, plane or automobile or at home.
Sound quality is good, although no loudness really even when i cranked the volume up as much as i could.
But this is not really a problem, since lying on a pillow means wind-down mode for me at least.
This one comes in different colours and surely is a nice addition to the portable media arsenal of anyone that enjoys music.!

A hat with built-in speakers and Hands-Free!

Hi-Head brings music listening everywhere literally.
The hat comes in 10 different models, (including one cashmir variant) and all of them are machine-washable .
The small cord is placed in the back of the hat and the extension-cord has a built-in microphone and on/off button for phonecalls.
Audioquality is really good, and even having the volume high up your neighbours on the bus are not disturbed by it, so the surrounding loudness is non-existent.
A good choice for anyone living in areas where the temperature drops sub - zero .
Or for anyone who likes to keep the head warm really .
Hi-Fun stacks a huge range of accessories related to enjoying music on loads of units.
Make sure you stop by and see what you can get .

Big thanks to the nice open-minded people at Hi-Fun for letting me review these products.

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