Friday, 7 September 2012

[Weekend mash ] So many devices , and XBMC too !

Yes , there has been some awesome news coming this week with Motorolas (Google - owned nowadays) announcement of brand new Razor M , Razor Max and Razor Maxx HD phones, and yes the Kindle units look awesome too , i know . (Lockscreen ads can be opted out from ).
Then there was Nokia presenting their new line-up aswell.
These units will not be available for you this weekend,.(Unless you are working for the above mentioned companies and working with the units.)
For the rest of us, there is so much to look into besides those news.

For those of you who remember XBOX with XBMC  there is a new awakening !
 At least if you happen to own a Android Device of some sort and have any interest in one the greatest media players since sliced bread was invented.

It has been happening for some time now actually , but this past weeks XBMC Android Forums opened their doors for everyone interested.

Builds of the app are in pre-ready state as of now but fear not !
Developers and users are testing out builds day and night . Nightlies can be found on XDA Developers forum thread here.
Currently there is a "merge window" happening as XDA Senior member kemonine states:
" Upstream has a merge window open and things are changing and breaking frequently. Builds after 2012/09/08 or 2012/09/12 should be a bit more stable again."
So there you have it, head over there naow!
Get yourself familiar with the Neo and No-Neo builds and get involved in something great once again!

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