Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Åkervalls ,stay Golden !

As you might have noticed i preordered myself an Samsung Galaxy Note 2 some time ago.
Trying to stretch my contract with Tele2 was easier said than done and i was hindered to jump their limited deal . 
By Tele2.
Even though customer service at first , by looking into my payment history said" No problemo" .
While being transferred to another agent the call was cut off.
Second, third try with customer service left me with a simple "No, we cant help you".
So,looking around for retailers with the phone in question i stumbled across "Akervalls.com".
There,in desperation i keyed in a question wheter or not it was possible to get the Galaxy Note 2 with the sweet deal Tele2 had until the 30th of september.
Couple of hours later i was contacted by phone and told that "Of course we can get you that deal."
I gladly gave my details to the gentleman calling and was updated by SMS of every single step along the logistic highway my phone was taking.
Here i am, 3 days later with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in my hand. Delivered with the help of Akervalls.com.
If your living in Sweden and want excellent support for your tech, go ahead and give them ago.
I am sure it wont dissapoint you.
Now, all i need now is for Tele2 to catch up and deliver med my friggin Micro SIM card.
I know, you are allowed to say:
-Cool story Bro!
An by the way, yes it fits my pocket. Review coming later on.

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