Tuesday, 2 October 2012

*Breaking NEWS* Jolla to establish mobile ecosystem based on Meego!

Jolla Ltd.   Press Release October 2, 2012
"Helsinki, Finland
Jolla Ltd. establishes a mobile ecosystem alliance based on MeeGo OS
Jolla Ltd., a new smartphone technology company, is setting up a new ecosystem by
forming an alliance in Hong Kong together with the leading players in the industry.
The new fully productised mobile operating system, based on MeeGo and codenamed
"Sailfish", will be ready for licensing by other device manufacturers, design houses
and service companies in spring 2013. Sailfish builds on and contributes to existing
open source projects such as the Qt Project and Mer Core, and due to those roots the
new OS will be open to community involvement and participation.
The alliance partners will be investing an estimated 200 million euros to ensure the
success and rapid expansion of the new ecosystem. The 200M€ ecosystem financing
will come in gradually from Jolla and as members join the alliance, which will include
chipset vendors, OEM and ODM manufacturers, operators and retailers.
Jussi Hurmola, CEO Jolla Ltd.: "China is a game changer in the technology industry.
The next big mobile change will come from China and Jolla wants to be enabling it.
There are massive resources and competence to transport the whole industry."
The Sailfish alliance data centre will be hosted in Cyberport Hong Kong, one of the
best connected sites in the world, with Internet backbones going to China, Europe and
the US. The data centre is being established to host Sailfish’s infrastructure, data,
productisation facilities and collaboration services. In addition, some of the upcoming
ecosystem's cloud services will be provided from there. The OS and UX are highly
scalable and will support smartphones, tablets, televisions, automotive and other
device classes.
Mark Clift, COO of Cyberport Hong Kong: "We've been following Jolla's development
closely and are now delighted to see Jolla select Cyberport as the primary location to
host the new mobile OS."
The MeeGo based community is extending in Asia and China. Jolla Ltd., headquartered
in Helsinki, is establishing new R&D operations in Hong Kong and China mainland in
order to lead the alliance development and ecosystem. Jolla strongly believes and
understands that the community is the heart of the distribution, technology and ideas,
and is committed to supporting community involvement and participation within
Jolla Ltd.
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