Tuesday, 16 October 2012

*Press Release* Mom and Dad to keep their smartphones .

Play MG released news today about their upcoming "Parental-Smartphone liberator " MG!

This Wi-Fi enabled Android powered gaming device , designed to fit into any pocket was born out of the idea of having kids playing on their parents phones and not letting go of them.
(For those of us who was born pre 2000 this might remind of the olde Game & Watch concept , except PlayMG has brought this idea to the 2012.)
Parental control has been taken to a whole new level with "Digital Wallet", which lets parents put "Game allowance"  and closely monitor purchases made with the MG device.
4 inch screen, limitless expandable memory (8GB MicroSD card included, Front facing camera, micro USB port and headset jack and a juicy discount together with preloaded spending cashto spend  if preordered from MG or Amazon.
Check out the video here and make sure you catch the original press release here.

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