Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Bamboo Stylus Pocket review.

Wacom is known for keepin up with the times.
Founded in 1983 and still going strong with their line of Tablets for graphic artists .
The kind folks at  MNML Agency gave me the opportunity to try out the Bamboo Pocket stylus.
I have already done a piece on it's predecessor Bamboo Stylus Duo and now it's time to pull out then next rabbit of Wacom's hat of goodies.
Welcome Bamboo Stylus Pocket to the stage !
Ok Wacom, you got me again with your stylish packaging.
Once opened my first thoughts were about lenght and how well finished it looks.
And there is more.
The shaft is telescopic this time. So just pull at one end to get the stylus to it's full lenght.
There is also some coloured rings , to add personality to your stylus if needed.
Included is also a thing i mentioned in the earlier review, an extra soft-tip .
Clear instructions in a small pamphlet is also included in the package .
On the side you have your standard "Pen-clip" as in a regular pen and there is actually another option to keep your Bamboo Stylus Pocket within reach.
A plastic cord with a molded plug to fit any earpiece input so that you can safely dangle your stylus on your device.
(One thing that strikes me about that option is the risk of cracking your display glass if not handled carefully while attached by the cord.But as i mentioned earlier this one is optional.)

The stylus has a soft rubber grip with a smooth feel to it, the tip of the nib is a soft one adding comfort writing notes or scribbling on your phablet/phone/tablet.
All in all the stylus feel balanced and even though the telescopic function gives a slight loose feeling while extended this does not disturb while being used. (The slight looseness is really slight, half a millimeter or less.)
Alltogether a solid package once again from Wacom.
Small ad on the box incourages one to download the Bamboo Paper app, notably only supported on two Android devices at the moment, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
The app has been updated and delivers what it promises.

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