Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Galaxy Note 2 (GT 7100) Dropped.

..this is interesting.
Screen did not break, however a red pixel is constantly lit while screen is on.

While doing *#0*# and "Wacom Test" with stylus, error code"Failed" with a beep is presented.

Samsung support Sweden claims no warranty via phone.
Samsung Sweden on Twitter claim "Two pixels limit for warranty claims".
Meaning at least two pixels must be broke if a replacement warranty should be in effect.

Samsung Service Sundsvall informed about Galaxy Note 2 NOT being included in the Samsung Premium Service category.
Total cost of a Display+Digitizer replacement : 2000 SEK (234 Euros).
Phones included in Samsung Premium Service were Samsung Galaxy note, Samsung Galaxy S2  where a screen replacement would cost 56 euros if the phone is 1 year old or newer.
To be continued ...

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