Sunday, 11 November 2012

Goovember !

Google keeps ahead in the handheld race by giving us not one, not two but three devices which are sure to find loads of satisified customers. 
I am talking about the Nexus product line of course.
Manufactured by LG , doubted by many but as far as the first impressions goes people seem to be overall pleased with what LG brought to the plate. Google laying out the quality control in style.
As always with Google Device releases a new version of Android is to be presented aswell.
The Android 4.2 source code is already available for all of us. The beauty of open source !
Android market share is pretty high nowadays, and Apple executives are surely scheming for actions to catch up.

I personally kind of regret getting the Samsung Galaxy Note2 , which after being dropped once accidentaly voided my 2 year warranty due to "usage of external force".
I Shoud've waited for the Nexus 4 methinks. Note 2 is a great phablet but Samsungs handling with the warranty bit leaves a bitter taste.
So , if you own a Galaxy Note 2 . MAKE SURE YOU DONT DROP IT !!!!!!

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