Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ground control to Google Play...

So i started a new position at the same company i already worked for and that is taking a lot of time and energy at the moment.
Great news have flooded the interwebs with the new Android 4.2 on the horizon.
Less great news have come aswell about the  devastating "Sandy" wreaking havoc in the USA.
(thougts to those affected, keep your flags up high.)
Ouya coming with the Android 4.2 will be a big player aswell.
LG coming with the next generation Nexus 4 , 7 and 10.
At the same time, i still feel a bit left out in the cold living in Scandinavia.
Google Play should be up in full mode for us methinks.

Were still not able to buy books, devices or watch movies via Google Play.
This is an issue i dont have the background info on yet, surely there is some politics and money involved.
If i had not been an avid tinker and tweaker of my Android Devices and very fond of  IT Tech in general , i might have left ship on Android long time ago.
I am glad we Scandinavians got Netflix, and now eagerly waiting for HBO Nordics to launch.
(Still waiting for PR dept. to get in touch)
And thanks to the loving community of "XDA Developers", bloggers , reviewers feeding us with news and Android goodness i will stick to my devices.

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