Tuesday, 27 November 2012

It's Galaxy Note 2 Case time !

So you got your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and in need for some protection for your precious ?
Options are many looking for mobile accessories in these days and that is good in a way.
Something for everybody out there one might say.
Lets look at this one :

Galaxy Note 2  Case
This case fits the Galaxy Note 2 snugly.
The Phablet snaps right in to the plastic back fitting and it sits there as intended. 
Firmly. No gaps anywhere or creaking sounds and whatnots.
Desing has been made with the Galaxy Note 2 in mind undoubtedly.
The leather look flipcase is padded with a firm center which gives it a solid and protective feel .
Holes are cut properly for the power button and volume rocker and that positioning is accurate too.
(A lanyard is shipped together with this case to be attached in the bottom corner of the case for those who wants it.)
Now we all know that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is not a small phone and with this case the millimeters stack up a few notches .
Protection with multifunction together with style compared to "naked and unprotected" ?
With this case you got added function with style AND protection.
The front can easily be flipped behind the back part of the case and as you can see in the above image you can also carry a couple of plastic cards with it .
How about the S-pen ?
(Well, to be honest i rarely use mine while on the go. 
I usually pull it for doodling when at home in the comfort  of our living room.)
This case does not need to be removed to be able to reach your S-Pen. 
So, there you have it.
It makes it a bit tricky but not impossible.
What we got here is  a solid case with style for a price that should fit anyone .

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