Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A case for a beast! [Google Nexus 7].

So the Google Nexus 7 is a real blockbuster in the 7-inch tablet segment. 
Salesfigures climb week by week and the majority of reviews point to one common fact:
- Best bang for the buck . 
Equipped with the tegra3 and now available in both 16 and 32gb versions with 3G connectivity running Android 4.2 this little powerhouse will be one santa will deliver worldwide this Christmas.

A good tablet needs a case and there's plenty of options for all tastes.
You could go for these Nexus 7 cases.
There you can find the FlexiShield Wave Case for the Google Nexus 7 for instance.

For an extremely low cost you get a case with style that fits like a glove.
All the needed inputs and outputs are properly cut out , including headphone jack, charging port and speakers located at the back.
The FlexiShield case is made out of tough , long lasting silicone and protects all edges and corners as intended.
Different patterning on the backside of the case seems well thought out aswell , since the long edges have a different pattern for thumbs and palms covered while holding the Nexus 7 in portrait mode .
You also have a sligh raise on the front  on the edge of the case , preventing the tablet going "face-first" if placed fronside down.
The design makes one forget there actually IS a case after a while.
Now thats a good fit in my book !

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  1. I dunno I'm on my smartphone all the time. I don't know when I would use this over that. Nice e reader I guess (shrugs). New hipster toy with some functionality but no real practical use. Different strokes.....
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