Thursday, 24 January 2013

Casetime ! (In case you need one.)

For those of you rocking a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 variant there is hardly a shortage of cases available.
Various colours, shapes , materials and sizes might create confusion in selecting the right one for your needs.
The Galaxy Note 2 Cover up for review is made by Belkin.
Belkin has made a name for themselves serving us with all sorts of perhiperals and accesories .
Whats the case with this case then ?
Made out of PU Leather, this snap folio case has got a button-snap wrapper strip and a well-formed plastic holder keeping the Galaxy Note 2 in a firm grip.

Belkin Snap Folio Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Black
As you can see the case folds easily to a kickstand.
There are three different levels you can adjust the viewing angle with on the inside of the flipfront.
Belkin has also not forgotten about the beloved S-Pen, cutting a corner on the back of the case making the S-pen accessible.
As you also can notice the holes for the camera, flashlight and speaker has been though of .

Belkin has made a proper case here, the materials feels solid and at a high quality level making the case feel slim and lightweight in use.
The choice of PU Leather provides a good feel and a nice non-slip surface.
The edges are sewn with 2 mm margin all around the case, no cut or missed stiches anywhere !

One thing i do miss is the access to the volume control button when the case is closed.
Looking at it, i realize this would make the side of the case flappy, and all you need to do to adjust the volume is opening the case and the plastic holder cutout gives you free access to the volume button as to the powerbutton.

I'd gladly recommend anyone searching for a Snap Folio Case this piece from Belkin.
Solid, sleek and stylish is my case for this case.
In case you wondered what my case was ?

Big up for Matthew @ Mobilefun for having Androidistica doing a piece once again!

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