Thursday, 21 February 2013

Looking for a Nexus 7 case ?

Nexus devices have sold as (project) butter and one of the reasons might be that these are the devices receiving Googles Android OS updates first of all .
Of course the build quality compared to the price one pays also is a rewarding equasion.
As many of you might know Android has reached version 4.2.2 now and quite a few are holding their breath for the next new release from Google, the one taking us from Android Jellybean to Android Key Lime Pie.
Now , for all that goodness we need something to keep our precious device safe.
This time we will be looking into a notebook type of Nexus 7 Cover.
This one fits snugly around the Nexus 7 and as a feature unseen on other ones, there is a bit of velcro keeping the case tightly within the casing.
If you peek really closely on the image above you will see that the power and volume buttons are propely accessible via the cut-outs made.
The same goes for the headphone jack and micro USB connector .
(No need to worry about wrestling around to connect your peripherals, chargers or to reaching the buttons.)
Another nice feature on this particular case is the magnet lid function.
When opening the top cover , your Nexus 7 lights up the lockscreen and you are all good to go.
(No more pushing the power button just to activate the lockscreen.)
The front cover can be folded to the back enabling a kickstand function in the case, which is always nice if you are sitting at a table for instance and want to watch something on your nexus without the need to hold it with your bare hands.
Amazing where evolution has got us, isn't it ?
This case is a keeper, slick , well built and at a reasonable price .
Androidistica gladly gives this a smashing 4/5.

Big bunch of humble thanks to Matt @ Mobilefun for having Androidistica testdriving this one!

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