Monday, 11 March 2013

[Review] Coffee anyone ?

So lets stop for a moment and think about our favourite past-time activity.
 (At least one of the favoured times of day in a workplace if youre working in Scandinavia )
I do drink coffee and i enjoy a good cup when offered.
What ? ...but ! ..????How ???
Dont panic , you ARE still reading Androidistica blog, awake and not dreaming.

What we have here ladies and gentlemen is a Coffee review !

The kind people over at Aromo asked me to try out their coffee and as i said before, i cant say no to good coffee.
Arömo as a company consists of people  who are passionate about the "mystics of coffee".
The characters above have no similarities to the people at Aromo.
I was sent a  sample of their "Bounce" espresso, which is "For all coffee makers".
That's a win in my book.
Espresso without the hassle of mocka pots boiling over on the stove creating a mess. 
I am not a barista, sorry mom.
Aromo offers  espresso to the comfort of your home from their online store, with a next day delivery and full money back guarantee. But that's not nearly the whole picture of this company.
These guys are all about transparency i must say.
Aromo as a company invites you , the customer to give feedback on their products, write reviews and tell them what you like and dont like.
You can find Aromo on all the major social networks, try that with Nestle, or other giants in the business who have long gone forgotten about  you and me as individuals.

Arömo has the  right approach in todays connected world.

Ok, what about the coffee ???

The review:
Now, writing this review after having a large cup of their "Bounce" , 5 star espresso i must say its a good cup of coffee. 
Once opened the vacuum sealed bag greets you with the scent of 100% arabica espresso ground coffe.
While brewing, i waited for the "Brewing scent" , and it did not fail me. 
(Mind you , i have a brewer that puts the water temp over the 80 degrees celcius one needs to liberate all the goodness of coffee).
Taste :
Arömo Bounce has the authentic espresso mark left on ones pallet , hard to describe but easily recognized.
And caffeine-wise there certainly is no doubt, it gives the proper espresso kick delivered where needed.
Colour :
Dark as the winter nights sky in Scandinavia, no see through here . Works as intended.

Verdict: 4/5 Points.
Arömo Bounce certainly has the kick delivered in the right spots, coming to taste, richness and caffeine content.
Added value on the pamphlet with introduction to Aroma blends and sorts.
Aromo has espresso pods,pads, capsules, espresso ground coffee and beans to ground yourself if thats your cup.
Five different tastes, a blogging Arömo Guru, next day deliver, full money back guarantee, theres nothing to loose here as you can understand.
Androidistica warmly recommends anyone who likes espresso to pay Aromo a visit!

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