Tuesday, 16 April 2013

[NEWS] Leap Motion building Laptops with HP

Leap Motion, the company behind the revolutioning replacement to the well known mouse and keyboard as input units to computer have teamed up with HP.
Yes, you read it right.
This coming summer we will be able to buy motion controlled HP Laptops thanks to the Leap Motion technology.
Head over to Leap Motions own YouTube channel for some awesomeness.
As the official press release states:

The HP relationship will start with the Leap Motion Controller bundled with select HP personal computers (available this summer) and evolve to unique HP devices embedded with Leap Motion's technology (we can't specify products or timing - HP will share more at a later date).
In addition to Leap Motion's easy-to-embed hardware, our software - including Airspace, our app store - will be pre-loaded on Leap Motion-integrated HP devices. This provides tremendous opportunity for our developer community to gain an even larger global audience of users.
This is the first embedding deal Leap Motion has announced (ASUS was a bundling deal), and is another significant endorsement of Leap Motion's technology.
Leap Motion's vision is to bring our 3-D motion-control technology to the world and be everywhere computers are. The collaboration with HP represents a major step in that direction.

The Leap Motion units can be preordered already , if you want to buy a standalone unit and attach to your devices .

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