Thursday, 18 April 2013

[Review ] Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Review.

Androidistica loves open source so in the spirit of open source the decision was made to review a case for Samsung Galaxy S4 paired with a giveaway .

So what does this mean ?
Flip Covers replace the backpiece on the phone and this one is no exception. You know the drill...

Well, read on and more shall be revealed.

The plastic  material on the back of the cover  feels the same as used on the original backpieces of  Samsungs smartphones the last two years.
It bends without breaking , and thats a good thing !
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover comes with a six month warranty.
That is also good!

As this is a "Original Flip Cover", the cut-outs  for speaker, camera , flash and micro-usb are custom made for the S4 and they seem well placed indeed.
The Flip-part of the  cover is plastic aswell, front side with slightly rugged striped pattern while the inside feels softer to protect the display.
To caress it if you will.

The giveaway has ended.. Get it while you can , and if you think you are in luck enter Androidisticas first ever giveaway !

This giveaway is NOT regionally limited in any way so the whole Universe is invited to take part .

All you have to do is to make a fun enough comment on the Google + Post of this review and the case will be sent to your adress!.

How do we know what post is fun enough ?
The one with most plusses of course.
Giveaway ends Sunday 21st of April 23:30 CET  and the winner will be notified the 22 of April.
IF there is a draw between participants, One winner will be randomly picked by Androidistica amongst the ones with most plusses to their comments.
Yes folks, 1 case to give away this time only, limited giveaway. Uno only.

Good luck!

Big barrel of humble thanks to mobilefun for letting Androidistica on the loose with this cover!

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