Friday, 3 May 2013

[Challenge] Year of the Android.

Now what is this ?
Well, as Android as a platform together with apps and services has matured quite a bit since its first launch Androidistica is planning to put the Android OS to the test.

The purpose of the article series is to cover the pros and cons (if any) of switching your day to day computing from the PC , Linux or Mac platform to a more Android based diet.
I am sure this can be done, so to make things more interesting we will cover more unusual tasks too.
Those you dont see on the front page of the Google Play store.
Androidistica will dig deeper into the crypts of general IT annoyances and see if Android can deliver what we search for.

Now, Androidistica has sent out request to a few major players in the Android industry and waiting for response from them to accept the challenge.
So far Google Sweden has declined participation as have Archos Sweden .

Time will tell if we can do this as a comparison type article series or if it will be done by the equipment at hand at the moment .

More shall be revealed, now go back to your weekend and spend some time with your loved ones .

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