Saturday, 25 May 2013

[Review] Infinitec Pocket TV

The time has come to review a Android HDMI Stick with some icing on top.
It's called Pocket TV and is made by Infinitec.
Infinitec Pocket TV got a huge response via their Kickstarter project  in may 2012 and they were fully funded only two months after their Kickstarter launch.
A blockbuster in fundraising terms.

At first impression the packaging is good looking, clean and serene.

Inside the box we find:
- A motionsensor keyboard (A cool piece of hardware, more of this later)
-The actual Pocket TV .
-HDMI extender cable
- USB extender cable
-IR-Remote with cable and IR-receiver
- A manual
- Charger plug with non-EU adapter .

The Motion sensor keyboard is an eye-catcher filled with the regular QWERTY keyboard surrounded by your regular AOSP buttons added for extra functionality.
Two mouse buttons are placed on the right hand side of the keyboard. 
On the edges of the Motionsensorkeyboard we got power off/on for the keyboard, mini - usb charging port and a button for the built in flashlight !
The keyboard impressed me further with the rechargable and replacable 300 mAh battery.
Behind the backpiece is also where i found the USB reciever plug for the keyboard.
So this one is most likely usable on other units with USB ports aswell.
The Pocket TV air remote is a really cool add-on,well done infinitec!

The IR-remote is really light, and has the basic buttons , directional arrows , browser button, home, back, volume up and down and a power off button.

Infinitec Pocket TV comes with a sleek android 4.0.4 (ICS) installed.
It surely isn't bloated in the apps department, and personally thats what i prefer.

Installed on the Pocket TV we got the Android Playstore, a browser,the gmail,email,an app installer, a filebrowser,google talk,a movie player and musicplayer.

What do we have inside then ?
The Pocket TV comes with :

CPU – 1GHz ARM Cortex A9
GPU – Mali-400MP
8 GB of internal storage.3GB available for apps
Card Slot – MicroSD, up to 32 GB

USB – USB 2.0
Power – Mini USB port
Output Video – HDMI 1.3 (Video and Audio)

So how does it feel ?
On first boot we have a setup guide, for language, Wifi and TV resolution.
After that guide is completed we jump right onto the Home screen.
With a total of 1 gb ram memory and the lightweight approach on the installed apps side there is no immediate lag while flipping through the home screens.

Checking in the "Settings " department we found Infinitecs own updater app.
A good feature where you can choose what kind of updates you want to install on your pocket TV .
The choices are All updates, only stable updates or a mix between beta updates and stable ones.
The timing can also be adjusted wether you want to check daily or with a longer interval like weekly .
Infinitec set up their own user forums where Pocket TV owners give feedback and get support for any issues they might have .
The Android version being 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) does it's job well on the Pocket TV.
There is also work being done behind the Infinitec curtains together with the usercommunity on a remote -app for the Pocket TV. 

All in all the Pocket TV is a solid Android-powered HDMI stick.
The Motion sensor keyboard is a really nice addon and to put another remote in the package as the IR-remote shows the generosity of Infinitec.
Reading through the user forums shows commitment to the userbase , questions get answered and people getting help.

The Infinitec Pocket TV has come a long way in a short timeframe and if they keep this pace there surely is nothing else than more awesomeness to come from them.

Effort made in creating attractive packaging.
Motion sensor keyboard.
IR-remote works quite good ,no stuck positioning in menus or such.
Built in update system, shows dedication to customers.

Wifi signal strenght challenging. (But then again, this is fairly common on all HDMI sticks out there, the problem lying in not being able to  pull enough juice through the mini - usb port).
This is being worked at by the engineers over at Infinitec, hopefully resolving the issue in a near future.

Without a doubt The Pocket TV will be discussed more on Androidistica, as part of the YOTA project coming up.
A big round of applauds for Infinitec for having Androidistica making this review.

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