Saturday, 4 May 2013

[Review] NFC Tags

NFC is a somewhat forgotten standard in the general buzz of Gigahertzes and gigabytes when it comes to mobile computing.
Depending on where in the world you live NFC is used in either more extensive ways like payments in stores or just to make your phone execute predefined actions when tapping into the NFC Chips or stickers you have setup yourself.
Automation is the name of the game.

In some parts of the world you can tie up your phones NFC with your payment card and stores accept that way of payment for things bought .

This is something Samsung tied up with Visa in binding the NFC to support Visa payments on their devices in the future. Samsung Galaxy S4 being the first one out with this support.

Now this review is based on NFC Tags.
These are powerless and communicate in a RFID based way when tapping your NFC Supported phone on them or bringing it to a close proximity to the tag.
What you can program the chip to do all depends on the application you have installed on your phone.

Common usage is to have Bluetooth turned on when entering you car, to enable bluetooth headset action while driving.
Other uses include turning on WiFi when coming home, putting ringer volume on normal for instance.
You can start apps, enable or disable GPS, open your home screen.
Basically anything you can do with tapping can be automated via NFC Tags.

The uses can be many, as with an app like Tasker for instance there is endless possibilites with an NFC tag.

In the package you get a minimalistic manual, the NFC tags (4 in total) packed into neat paper bags, (one each) and double sided stickers to help attaching the NFC tags to whatever place you desire.

These little babies were made for Sony Xperia, but while reviewing them i used a Samsung phone and had no trouble at all while the phone recognized the tags.
Thats the beauty of open standards.
I believe these NFC tags can be used with any NFC enabled phone .
Solid, easy to use and opening a world of possibilities for your smartphone.
These tags certainly do their job!

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