Wednesday, 22 May 2013

[YOTA] Year Of The Android planning stage in progress.

Inspired by Android's capabilities as a near-to-fully-fledged Operating system Androidistica set it's aim at a quest .
A quest to put Android Operating System to a test for a full year.
Tasks that are done today on a regular Laptop OS will be done via an Android powered unit .
Requests have been sent to various manufacturers and retailers asking for participation on this quest.
Not surprisingly the Behemoths have either not answered the call or turned it down with cheerful comments. (Thanks anyway, Google Sweden and Archos Sweden).
Hardware to be used during the YOTA will vary during the year, from  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owned by yours truly, Jynxbox Android HD, Infinitecs Pocket TV,  and others.
The common denominator will be Android as a base platform.

Stay tuned for the YOTA kickoff, happening soon .

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