Tuesday, 11 June 2013

[Review] Kidgi MHL Charger dock for N7100

With todays usage of smartphones equipped with large HD screens no one really reflects any more whether one should bring a long a charger or not when going outside your home.
I've got charging options at home, in the car and at work.
This review will be about the one at home, the Kidgi Charger dock.

This piece of black design with four rubberized feet is capable of more than just charging.
Hook it up with your TV via a HDMI cable (not included in the package) and suddenly your android device has a bigger screen and audio output via the TV speakers!
The one tested for this review is the Kidgi  Charger/MHL dock for Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
One thing that strikes is the sheer size of the display.
Second thing that happened was my son who started poking the Pixel Dungeon icon on our TV screen.
Quite hilarious, kids these days !
To get landscape mode you either have to put the dock on its side although it is easier and more convenient to install the app for screen rotation.
No issues at all using this .
One thing that was apparent was the charging voltage.
Seems as if the Kidgi dock voltage is slightly lower in throughput than the original charger for the Note 2.
Then again,the charger has no MHL option does it ?
If you're in the market for a elegant charger and MHL dock the Kidgi is certainly a good pick.

This review was written and published according to [YOTA] , all Android supported.

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