Friday, 14 June 2013

*Update* [Review] Readly ! ( steady go!)

Android users in the northern hemisphere really aren't spoiled with Google play content.
As for Scandinavian users there is really only 25 % of the categories available.

Androidistica has touched base with this subject before and there is apparently a load of rules, politics and agencies grinding the old paper mill before the whole planet can enjoy all content democratically on Google Play.
Luckily this does not stop independent third party providers from granting the masses more content.
Such is the case with Readly.

Based in Sweden, Readly delivers magazines to mobile platforms such as Android via their app on a subscription based service.

After downloading the Readly app, creating an account and confirming that via the received  email were good to go.

There is a number of categories to pick magazines from.
15 different ones to be specific.
You get access to the latest issue and back issues as well.
Reading magazines is as easy as navigating any Web page.
Zoom controls are the same as in native Android UI.
Double tap either zooms or restores the view to original size.

You can add your personal favourites in the Readly app for fast access to the magazines you prefer.
There is the possibility to add bookmarks to pages you need quick access too also.
All in all Readly is a welcome piece of service in the midst of Google Play lacking content for parts of the world where politics and agencies seem to have deadlocked.
Head over to your preferred app repository and grab Readly subscription (All issues of all available magazines) or grab the free version which gives you 1 issue of every magazine for ever!

*NOTE* As of now only Swedish magazines are available in Readly. This is likely to expand to other languages in the future.

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