Thursday, 13 June 2013

[Review] Slimline BT Keyboard & trackpad

This time were having a look at another piece of accessories for the mobile life .
The device to be put on the stage is no less than a bluetooth keyboard with a truly portable format.
At first sight it may come off as a calculator, thats how small it is.

Accompanied by its micro usb to usb charging cable you dont need to carry around an extra set of AAA batteries or anything like that for power.
This keyboard has a built-in USB chargeable battery.
The details dont stop here.
Built-in mouse.
But how is this done ?
Here's the secret:
Up in the top right corner there is a square shaped larger button which acts a a tiny touch pad.
On top of all that there are numerous function keys added to the standard qwerty keyboard layout.
Standard as in navigation on a touchscreen device.
You can browse through your home screens, do a long press , anything you basically can execute with the tip of your fingers on a smartphone or a tablet.
Underneath the keyboard, the back side ifbyou will has the power on/off switch and a channel 1 and channel 2 button.
Look at it as profile buttons.
You can pair the keyboard with your phone and tablet if you like.
Switching between usage is done by a flick of a switch.
Practical and working as intended.
The keyboard was paired to several android devices upon testing and the only device that didn't complete the pairing process was an older tablet (ZTE Light with a custom rom).
No big issues really with the pairing in other words.
How is usability with this one then ?
While the extra function buttons are really helpful, you need to be in a well-lit room to see the markings .
This made me wish the buttons would've been backlit or at least had the option to activate it.
Pressed keys are responsive and not too loud klicking away on this keyboard.
Will I type faster with this than an on screen keyboard ?
That all depends on the device youre planning on using with it.
There surely is a win in terms of using a singler pointer/cursor remote on any smart tv android hdmi stick.
When it comes to tablets there is maybe not a huge win in time with an external keyboard.
It really comes down to case from case scenario.
One usually dont think of buying accessories if not needed.
You get the  idea.
This keyboard could well be worth every penny for the right need.

Thanks again to Mobilefun for having Androidistica reviewing yet another piece.

This review was made according to YOTA principles.

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