Wednesday, 26 June 2013

[Upcoming review] Leef bridge ,design and usability in harmony.

As you may have noticed ,moving  files between your Android device and computer has its quirks.
Either you have to have the correct USB drivers downloaded and installed for your device or you simply don't have your USB cable with you when needed.
Thanks to the Leef Bridge these little moments of fun are over and behind us.
In the history books under the section 'Pre-Leef era' .
What's this then ?
Well, you might have heard that Leaf,a company where some former Sandisk employees and other brilliant people work have come up with what all Android 4.1 users and above will cherish with the words:
- Finally!
The Leef Bridge consists of USB storage in three flavours (16,32 and 64 GB) and a regular USB connector paired with a micro USB connector.
Is this sinking in now ?
I sense a smile on your lips,at least the news and geniality of the Leef Bridge brought a smile of relief to mine.
Why this haven't been thought of before is a mystery, Leef certainly has nailed it to say the least.
All you need for the magic to happen is a Android device with 4.1 or above and a supported USB on the go supported phone/tablet/thing.
And there's a bit more to be revealed:
Androidistica will take the Leaf Bridge for a hands-on spin and let all you readers in on the nitty gritty details .
Stay tuned folks, and be nice to each other.
In the meantime,hear over to Leefs homepage and check out all the other cool stuff they have done.

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