Saturday, 1 June 2013

[YOTA] Launch emerging.

The Year Of The Android project is slowly emerging into launchday.
Humbled by the thought of leaving the Windows/Linux world to go exclusively with Android as a base platform has got me thinking if i'm really right minded.

The first and foremost concern is what this post is about:
Accustomed to Blogger as a base and Google Chrome being the standard browser for everything i need to figure out a smooth way to write posts via Android.
This will be attempted by a MHL adapter and a Bluetooth keyboard which you will see reviews on in a near future.

Next week will likely be launch day for the year-long quest of Androidifying my life .
Most day to day tasks will propably present little or no challenge at all.
Paying bills is done today via the Android App made by the bank we have in our household.
Webbrowsing is also something mostly executed by a Android device named Samsung Galaxy Note 2. 

There are of course other things, not known at the moment but surely presented when time comes when there might be a challenge to execute things.
I will attempt things out of the ordinary of course, such as programming , video editing and other things which you will be able to see posted here.
The plan is to do at least a weekly update on the Year Of The Android project .
So with these words, stay hungry and come back for more .

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