Sunday, 9 June 2013

[YOTA] Launch!

Things are falling into place for the experiment undertaken by Androidistica named as Year Of The Android. [YOTA].
For the launch of this year-long event we have got  The kidgi MHL dock with charger and the bluetooth keyboard with a built in mouse.

Running on Samsung Galaxy Note2 the challenge was to first get things rolling on a larger display with the mentioned hardware connected to a Samsung LCD 40 inch tv-set.
Running other than stock rom for the Note2 seemed to be quite tricky in getting the MHL dock work with the TV set.
Lo and behold , here we are !
The Note 2 running Wanam Lite and 'Rotation locker ' to force landscape mode .
We have a launch ladies and gentlemen!
For a full year from today everything will be Android-base-performed.
(This blogpost being written completely with Note 2 ).
There will propably be some fiddling along the way and even some cursing but I'll spare you the cursing and try to keep reports as clear and simple as possible.
Once a week I will tell you of the good, the bad and the ugly if there is any ugliness?
Devices will be different but all of them will be running Android.
Anyway, you get the picture.
More will be revealed as progress is being made.
Coming up next is reviews if some hardware !

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