Friday, 7 June 2013

[YOTA] Progress report.

Eagerly waiting for a launch date for the Year Of The Android project some obstacles have emerged from the depths of Murphys Law.

As you might have noticed Androidistica likes to explore more than meets the eye on Android devices and this is also the case when it comes down to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ment to kick-off the Year Of The Android project.
Being a betatester on a sleek N7100 rom is truly a pleasure and priviledge.
However, the MHL support is not crystal clear when it comes to this particular ROM for N7100.
One might say this is being investigated quite a bit right now.
So yes, this post too is written on a different platform than Android but fear not!
Androidistica will prevail , we will conquer this obstacle and view it as an opportunity, not a problem.
(This opportunity could well be installing the latest Samsung Stock image just to get the YOTA ball rolling ).


Yes, i am downloading it as i write this post.
(Just to make sure the MHL Dock is not faulty)
You will see a review of this MHL / Charger dock and a bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo as soon as we get the YOTA started, be sure of that.
So without further ado, back to testing and troubleshooting to make sure we bounce back quickly with the launch of Year Of The Android!
Don't touch that dial!

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