Monday, 24 June 2013

[YOTA] Vacation times !

So a week has passed and Androidistica is underway on the quest of Androidifying every day life.
A first week of my daytime job vacation has passed .
Yes,vacation. I've turned off my work phone (an iPhone ,the company I work for don't approve of any other device for syncing calendar & email)
I've spent quite some time with our kids on various outdoors activities.
Well invested and enjoyable moments !

I've tried to keep up to date on the Android front when it comes to news and scandals.
To my aid I have the excellently built Slimbean ROM , paired with Deer Reader and Zite.

I use Google keep for storing stuff I read later and also plan on using it as a scratchpad since adding hyperlinks in to blogger app can be quite a drag at times.
Although the blogger app has gotten a bit better since the last update.
A new keyboard has entered town ,called the 'Minuum' keyboard.
A minimalistic take on a keyboard for your Android device.

Quite a few has found it very useful ,time will tell how steep the learning curve will be for me.

Check back for some more updates soon.

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