Tuesday, 27 August 2013

[Review] Gum Rock

It's Bluetooth Speaker time !
So, what can a bluetooth enabled speaker from Gum Rock  do?
It can do lots of things.
Main function being a speaker for any device that can speak A2DP or ACRCP bluetooth.
And there's more.
Handsfree function, and last but not least a suction cup function !
Yes, a suction cup enabling it to be placed on any flat clean surface serving you with  good audio quality .
Androidistica is not an audiophile expert blog but my ears can distinguish between crappy sound and good sound.
The Gum Rock delivers Good sound!
Deep bass and clear highs is what the business calls it. 
In the box we get.
- Gum rock, (comes in different colours )
-Charger cable (Micro usb to standard USB )
- Manual
That's all you need for a good carry along audio device playback with handsfree magic included.
Fully charged this baby delivers 6 hours of playback mileage and thats more than enough for such a handy speaker as the Gum Rock.
Incredibly lightweight and while not looking to be 'dive safe' it certainly looks water splash safe.
Operating range up to 10 meters from the Bluetooth source .
This one also comes with the option to 'Buddy Jack' with other Gum Rock speakers.
Connect a bunch of them to your phone, tablet , pc or whatever bluetooth device and the good audio gets amplified.
For the price of a Gum Rock device there is really nothing to complain about.

If we were to be nitpicking it would be the option to connect a standard stereo jack into the Gum Rock.

One last word of warning for future Gum Rock customers:

Beware of placing the Gum Rock on your forehead.
It will stick.
And leave a mark.
You will look cool/insane and be rocking but you will wear a mark.
I'll spare you the images of that experiment to another time.

That's all for this time, catch you all soon again here on Androidistica!

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