Friday, 2 August 2013

[Review] Leef micro SD Card

In time like these where a phone call can feel as an interruption while fiddling with your smartphone quality matters.
It matters in the phone build, the camera ,the screen and in the storage.
That's what this review is all about.
I've learned the hard way as many with me have about micro SD Cards and quality.
Quality matters, you get what you pay for in a way.
Androidistica featured a review a short while ago about the 'Leef Bridge', a genious gadget for managing files .
Now this is not the only product Leef is all about.
They make other accessories too, like micro SD cards for instance.
The piece for this review is a 16GB class 10 card.
With a 10 year (limited) warranty and waterproofed !
Smartly packed in what at first looks like a burglar-safe package in need of  scissors and a handdrill the suprise is imminent.
Within a period of less than 30 seconds the micro SD card is unpacked.
(Leef design strikes again, thumbs up!)
Made in China, out of proper material and distinct labeling the memorycard pops into the Samsung Galaxy Note2 without a hitch.
And no hitches found on it either.
The micro SD Card has done its work all the time.
Make sure to pay Leef a visit for your Leef bridge, USB flash memory or SD Card needs.

Big round of thanks to the Awesome team at Leef for having Androidistica reviewing their products, the YOTA way!

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