Friday, 9 August 2013

[Review] Moga controller for Android

Gaming on Android is and always will be a big deal.
We have seen Angry Birds flying in outer space, different installments of MMORPG's and literally every possible game type is available for download in Google Play store.
Now the touch screen as a joystick is not always the optimal choice of control even though the game developers do their utmost to make it happen.
Moga controller gives us an option to the touch screen joysticks.
What we have here is a game controller with buttons to cover even the more advanced gaming needs.
Androidistica tested the Moga Controller on Android 4.2 and Android 4.3.
With the Moga Pivot app (Free download from Google Play) installed all you have to do is to follow the onscreen prompts to connect your Moga to your phone or tablet.
With the purchase of Moga you get two free games.
All time classic Pacman and a voucher to be used on Moga app store to retrieve another classic , Sonic the hedgehog.
Dont be fooled by the Moga app store though.
Moga is providing app developers the Moga SDK downloadable on their website for anyone to enable Moga support in their app or game.
Openness in motion.
After the initial setup you are all set to go.
With two directional pads and front buttons, 4 pew-pew buttons and two extra buttons there's really nothing else to wish for in the Moga design.
In the middle sits the foldable phone holder with a spring mechanism for attaching your Android phone to the Moga controller .
With a Samsung Galaxy Note 2(N7100) attached one would have thought that's the max width to be used with the Moga but it could easily fit an even larger phone like the Galaxy Mega or  such.
1st gen Nexus 7 is too big to fit on the holder tab but yet again, use bluetooth with a nice foldable case and your still good to go.
The four buttons on the right hand side used for jumping/fireing/etc are responsive and accurate.
Using the Directional Sliders proves the same accurate responsiveness in gaming.
On the bottom outer edges of the Moga you have a rubberized surface to further enhance a non-slip feel while holding the controller.

The Moga Controller definetly has the lead in Android Gaming controllers.
Awarded multiple times and a open attitude towards developers shows a willingness to evolve in a nice manner.
There are plenty of Moga enabled games and even third party controller apps on Google Play to keep you busy plenty of hours ahead.
Pricing is humane too, making this controller available for anyone who feels the need to add some gaming control .
This one is certainly a keeper ladies and gentlemen, you will not regret adding the Moga Controller to your Android accessories armada.

Kudos to Mobilefun for letting Androidistica review yet another excellent piece of Android accessorie!

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