Tuesday, 13 August 2013

[Review] Paper wallet

Handhelds are really in fashion these days.
All sorts are available on the market for us consumers.
This handheld comes without the carbon footprint your average smartphone leaves.
Ladies and gents, behold the Paperwallet !
Yes! A handheld device easily forgotten these days of constant internet-connectedness.
(Did I just invent a new word there ? )
The wallet.
Paperwallet caught Androidisticas eye in it's approach of community driven openness.
Here we have a wallet made out of recycled AND recyclable material.
You can even recycle your old paperwallet with the creators for a reasonable discount on your next purchase.
The material might need some explanation.
The paperwallet is made out of Tyvek.
In short the same kind of plastic that the legendary DEVO band used as costumes. (OK,generation gap-ahead. Go check them out here ).
Very lightweight and yet durable material.
The beauty of Paperwallet lies in the design.
Aspiring artist can submit designs themselves and have Paperwallets manufactured with these designs.
The review piece Androidistica received is beautifully made.
Just look at them pictures and you can understand the detailed work out into these.
Inside it's your average wallet. Even the inside of the  pocket for your hard earned cash has been uniquely designed.
Paperwallet encourages artist to hook up with them and collaborate for new designs to be released.
Undoubtedly Paperwalllet is here to stay.
Who doesn't want a unique wallet,made in a limited edition ?
Now quit stalling and get over there and grab your next wallet !

A truckfull of thanks to the swell people at Paperwallet for having Androidistica reviewing their pieces.

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