Saturday, 3 August 2013

[Review] Plånka.

This is review of a handheld without pixels or screensizes.
There is no quad, octa or singel core processors in this piece of smartness.
Nevertheless there is a serious level of coolness in this handheld peripheral.
It's the Plånka!

As you can see it's a wallet with superpowers.
Showing this to my kids gave me the aura of a true magician.
My son and daughter really thought i was a magician.
I kind of felt like one while i flipped back and forth in awe,trying to figure out how the Plånka works it's magic.
Stylish design, genuine leather and a neat pocket-sized format packaged in a black matte cardboard box shows that there is effort behind the making if Plånka.
On the back and the front you have two slots for credit card, drivers license or whatever you want to put there.

The magic happens as you can see in the video , inside the wallet.
Elastic strips are fitted , on one side crosswise and on the other hand over the top and bottom part .
Opening and closing it the content gets behind the crossed strips or the overlapping ones.

This is a really cool and minimalistic approach to the concept of a wallet and you will amaze you friends without a doubt showing it off for them.
This one is a keeper folks, go get yours at their website!

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