Monday, 5 August 2013

[YOTA] Keep on summering ,summer !!

So summer is at a steaming end with temperatures above average and the world of Android keeps boiling of news, announcements and rumors.
Leaked images of upcoming flagships cirkles the webs and the nay-sayers and yay - sayers spread their evangelisms.
All good, both sides of the coin is needed.
Without darkness there will be no light.
Without Root privileges you have no access to customize.
Without get it .
Samsung has announced a "Samsung upacked 2 " event happening this fall.
September 4 to be exact.
The word on the street is that yet another Galaxy Note will see the light of public day.
Tech writers are booking flights and hotels for this one so it will most likely be a major announcement by Samsung.
Androidistica continues the YOTA (Year Of The Android ) Saga.
The journey has taken new speed thanks to the awesome development of Android x86 project.
Basically a downloadable image of Android 4.3 (Yes!) to burn on a CD and boot your x86 based computer from.
Make sure you hit the link above and go check it out.
This has enabled writing not only on yours trulys Galaxy Note2 but on a keyboard enabled Thinkpad device too!
Having a keyboard is nice i have to say, a physical one i mean.
There is upcoming reviews to be done for you, amongst others is the Moga controller .
Keep your fingers on this dial for that to uncover in the coming days.
Android Dissected has opened the lid of their infinitely looking treasure chest of images over at Pixlr. A massive 7000 images shared to any takers.
Quite genious if i might say. Wish i could've thought of that myself.
Hats of for the hard working crew over at Android Dissected.
Android 4.3 has  been released to various devices.
There are unofficial releases for those who dare and void their warranties too, head over to the one-stop place of XDA Developers forum to see if your device has gotten any 4.3 love from the skilled Developers.

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