Saturday, 28 September 2013

[Press release] Geeksphone to take part in unique event.

Geeksphone participates in a unique event that will 
drive technology development in Africa

• The Spanish company provides several of its recent devices based on the 
Open Web to facilitate the development of AfricaHackTrip technology event. 
Moreover, its COO Javier Agüera will address the meeting via videoconference.
Madrid, 23 September 2013.-. The Spanish company Geeksphone, dedicated to the design 
and manufacturing of next smartphones generation, collaborates with AfricaHackTrip, 
a project started by developers and designers from Europe who will travel through East 
Africa to meet their local counterparts in a series of events. AfricaHackTrip aims at better 
understanding the technological development in the continent, sharing knowledge and 
establishing networks. The trip will be documented on the web and in a movie.
The company donates some of their latest Keon devices to facilitate the development of 
this technological event. These smartphones with operating system Firefox OS, Developer 
Preview, of Mozilla Foundation, are based on the Web and bet on freedom for the mobile 

Furthermore, Javier Aguera, COO of the company, will address the meetings via video 
conference to talk about his personal experience as a technology entrepreneur and his 
expertise in telecommunications and geek culture.
The aim of the AfricaHackTrip initiative is to connect European and African hacker cultures 
and to launch a continuous exchange of knowledge in new technologies. The trip consists 
of several stages and will begin on September 24 in Kenya, followed by events in Uganda, 
Rwanda and Tanzania, ending at DEMO conference in Nairobi on October 24-25.
Javier Agüera explains: “We are very pleased to participate in this event, because Africa is 
a continent which is still unknown in the technology sector and has many things to offer. 
So we think that initiatives like this are very positive to begin establishing links between 
the two continents”.

Press contact:

Teléfono: 916 397 700

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