Tuesday, 3 September 2013

[Review] The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Kit.

Accessories have been a hot market for quite some time now since the world has adopted smartphones and being connected to the internet more and more during our daily lives.
Todays review will cover a powerful combo of accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
What have we here then in this all-in-one kit of accessories ?

Galaxy Note 2 Desk Stand.
This one puzzled me at first.
Coming in two parts, the other one being covered by a protective film i really did not know how to use it.
After a short while i got it.
Protective film was removed and the Desk stand assembled in nice landscape mode.
Or portrait if you like.
Placing the Galaxy Note 2 on to the deskstand makes it stick !
See the picture and you'll understand what i mean.
The actual surface on the pad is not 'glue sticky' as one might think.
More like rubber is the sensation.
Foot being made of metal with a soft padding beneath making sure not to scratch any surface .
Pretty handy for a desk stand!

What else ?

Galaxy Note 2 Car Holder

The name is self explanatory here really.
It's a car holder for your Galaxy Note 2.
Suction cup powered with and optional chassis paste included this will fit on your dashboard or windshield in your car.
With a 360 degrees rotational arm i find it hard to imagine a position not possible for your phone with this car holder.
The grip on both sides has foam rubber padding ensuring no damage to come to your phone.
Tight grip with the expandable arm .
Not being bulky and lot of possibilites for landscape or portrait mode makes this car holder a good one to have if you need to keep an eye on your phone while driving.

FlexiShield Skin for Galaxy Note 2
The Flexishield Skin fits snugly over the Galaxy Note 2.
Cutouts for headphones and micro usb are exactly placed and the edges of the skin are slightly elevated giving the protective feel some added value.
A solid case with tight fit.

Mini Portable Desk Stand
Now this little thing also puzzled me at first but once i stuck it on the back of the Galaxy Note 2 and placed it on the table the riddle was solved.
Its a rubber Deskstand with a suction cup .
It certainly is mini and portable.
Usable is another word that springs to mind.
Check the picture and you see the general idea.

Galaxy Note 2 Car Charger
Plug it in your gicarrette lighter outlet and you're all set to charge.
With built in function to stop charging once fully charged there's no need to worry that your car will run out of juice while overcharging as some cheaper car charger can do.
For anyone on the road this car charger is a must.

5 x MFX Screen Protector
Screen protectors have come a long way since they were presented to the general market.
Screenwears protectors are no exception to that development.
5 pieces of screen protectors with a cleaning cloth and a plastic tab to even out air bubbles while applying the protector gives these a professional feel.
Easy to understand instructions are included on the package itself and on each and every protector you get numbered tabs to pull the protective sheeting off with .
You can't fail putting these to your screen.
The responsiveness of the screen only gets mildy affected using your fingers.
No big difference at all actually.
The real difference is noticed when using the s-spen, the feel is somewhat rugged at certain angles.
Not a real problem really.

So there you have it, an all in one kit for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
This kit will keep your Galaxy Note 2 protected and served.
It's always nice with all in one kits with decent build quality as is in this case.

This is a nice kit to add to your Galaxy Note 2, well worth it's money!

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