Thursday, 5 September 2013

[Smartwatch Roundup] How Smart is a smartwatch ?

The glory days of the eighties digital watches are long gone and over.
Even though they bring nostalgic memories to a lot of us there has been some groundbreaking development in the wrist wearable watch area lately.
It seems as if the market for smartwatches has exploded into this new era recently.
Let's try and make a quick roundup of the devices available in that category.
Smartwatches :

Sony Smartwatch2:
So, Sony has made a smartwatch that acts more like a bluetooth or NFC powered remote control of your Android device.
You can see notifications and such, control your music player,camera and yes it does tell time too!
Being waterproof is a plus and battery life being said to last up to seven days is quite impressive.
I'd like to call this one a "non-standalone" smartwatch due to the fact that it's usability is somewhat limited without carrying around your smartphone aswell.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Announced at Samsung unpacked 3 event the Samsung Galaxy Gear was presented as an accessory to already existing phones aswell.
Note3 being highlighted at the same event naturally.
Galaxy Gear brings a 1,9 megapixel camera and a handful of Samsung features to the table as quick glance, smart relay, the S-Voice and more.
It even has built in speakers enabling the Gear to act as a phone, for receiving calls on without the need to pick up your phone from your pocket.
A hands free at your wrist if you like.
A bit more cash is needed for this one than for Sonys Smartwatch2 but as you can see there is also a bit more features in this one.
However, i'd rather call this one a Stand-alone Smartwatch too since the rich features are found only when paired with a smartphone.

Omate TrueSmart
Black Metal Casing with Silicone strap - protective and durable, encases the entire smartwatch phone in a watertight seal according to IP67 water-resistant & dustproof standards. Even the charging connectors are special water-resistant connectors
A true standalone Smartwatch.
Sim card slot, 5 megapixel camera, multi touch water resistant screen, GPS, G-Sensor and thats not all.
This is a Kickstarter funded smartwatch and looking at the specs the Omate really stands out in this comparison thanks to it's usefullness alone.
No need to have a smartphone with this device since all functions are built-in!
First volume shipping is planned in October 2013 for the pledgers of the developer edition.

There are more contenders to the Global Smartwatch throne but i think these devices will be trend-breaking and depending on how well we the humanoids adopt to these devices will show if the smartwatch market is a make or break deal.

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